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Get to KnowUs!

The company MJS Weddings and Events LLC was established in the year 2022. The company owner had previously worked in the wedding and event industry for nearly 10 years and believed it was time for change. The company was opened and ready to launch for all clients and vendors to meet. The vision created here at MJS Weddings and Events is one filled with hope, detailed design, talent and as always dreams coming true. We value honesty, integrity and kindness within our company and are always helping others in need. Our CORE 4 IS PURE and our main priority is the trusting relationship each couple has with their wedding planner. After all, whether they are assisting you with your full planning, design or even just a day of coordination, the planners are going to be with you for a long period of time, and good vibes are ALWAYS the key! Planning and Designing weddings with trained industry professionals and advanced teaching methods will ensure our clients are comfortable and in good hands throughout their entire wedding process. Our team is well in the top tier portion of industry standards. We believe in you and will work together to have your back so that you can trust our process. With a big smile on your face and a big smile on ours, we can deliver you a beautiful day and make your enchanting visions come to life! 

For weddings we're your something blue, but all in all, we make all dreams come true!


After all, how else can you achieve happily ever after without your personal fairy godmothers at MJS?



Welcome to the essence of MJ! 

Meet MJ, otherwise known as MaryJane! She is the owner, founder and beauty behind the scenes here at MJS Weddings and Events. MaryJane has been planning and executing events for over a decade and has built great relationships (and event friendships) with so many clients and vendors in the industry.


MaryJane graduated from RCU with a degree in Business. She worked part time while continuing education as an event planner focusing on town events, corporate events and birthday parties. She then decided to further her career by attending NYIAD and becoming a certified event planner. While working full time as a BDC Manager with a business background and being part time in the wedding and event world, MJ knew it was time to make her own mark in the world. In 2018 She decided to begin venturing into full time wedding planning and began planning, designing and coordinating large weddings. “The moment I did my first wedding, the heavens opened up the skies and a ray of light shined down on me while I heard angels and bells ringing, no seriously! I knew from that moment on I would have to make this my life career full time and forever!” She then established MJS Weddings and Events LLC in 2022 whose following has grown immensely and continues to work hard everyday to make sure the vision she created at MJS continues in perfect excellence. MJ’s confidence, determination, exceptional organizational and design skills make her among the most talented in the industry. Not to mention her flawless ability to keep a smile during utter chaos! As a professional planner and designer herself, MJ knows that you only have one chance for a perfectly executed day. MJ has been performing, leading and creating live productions in a flawless manner since highschool. Her background in theater helps make your dream day perfect and with careful planning, she goes into every detail. MJ is looking forward to meeting you and working together with you to build your dream day that will (obviously) be talked about for decades to come. So as MJ would say “Dream Big Sis.” 

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