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Q & A

What will my wedding cost?

All of our services are customizable as every wedding is unique and special.

What is an ideal wedding budget?

It depends on the wedding. Weddings can range anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 it all depends on the budget you set. (MJS can assist you with that as well, so you can stay in budget)

I have a venue coordinator, do I still need day of coordination services?

I definitely recommend one, your venue coordinator is going to be helpful on the day of the wedding and will assist the maitre’d with situations that are specific to the venue. However, they generally cannot assist in services prior, during or after that do not relate to the venue (church or ceremony getting ready, DJ arriving on time, florist setup/breakdown etc.) making sure all your vendors arrive at the venue on time, or that your personal items arrived with you to every location and that all your design décor is set up appropriately. If family needs to be gathered for pictures and hair makeup touch ups need to be done. We are there for BOTH of you for the entire day!

My photographer has a timeline made, do we still need to make another?

Yes, we will be meeting with every vendor and our clients to ensure that the timeline works for everyone. This way everyone is on the same page and we will all be in sync on the big day. Don't worry about this because we handle the majority of it as well!

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