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The Wedding Industry (aka The Wedding World)

Updated: Apr 30

Honestly, being a wedding planner is a lot of work, way more than JLO tells you. You have to be consistent, organized, understanding, passionate, patient and calm all at the same time while encountering chaos throughout your entire day. There is no nine to five here unfortunately, (thank you Dolly!) this is a tough, be your own boss, 24/7 industry which INCLUDES weekends! (Say goodbye to your social lifeee!) "Byeeeee!" Being a wedding planner and designer like me, you go through your awesome clients and you go through your "rough around the edge" clients and you have to be patient in order to withhold them, and yourself to have a perfectly executed day. I have many people that constantly ask me a million questions the second they find out I'm a wedding planner. The first one being "Omg do you get a lot of bridezillas?" and the second one being " I bet you make so much money!" The short answer is no. This is for both accounts. First of all I would never refer to my brides as bridezillas, when they are in fact just trying to make sure their day goes according to plan. This is a BIG moment and a day that they've probably been dreaming about for who knows how long. To top that, you are spending a whole lot of money on that day too, do you really want it to come out awful!? I don't think so, hence where I come in. I know that my clients are already spending a lot of money on their wedding day. My prices are my worth and I am always fair about the clients I take on and customize my pricing to fit their needs. I am careful in what I do and I only take on the amount of weddings I can handle which brings me to my sanity, knowing I didn't overbook or exert myself so that I can give 100% to each wedding I do!

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