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Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

Experience - Wedding Coordinator has experience with all types of weddings

Venue Coordinator works for the venue, but may not be versed in your specific events needs. 

Timeline - Wedding Coordinator creates a unique timeline specific to your entire day from start to finish and ensure everything on it occurs in a timely manner, where as your Venue Coordinator will only begin following directions from the Venue’s beginning. 

Floor Plan/Guest Guidance - Wedding Coordinator will guide you and provide you with a unique layout for seating your guests which can be very difficult! They will also have the guest list throughout the event to assist any guests that need assistance with their seating on the day of. The Venue coordinator just relays the message to the maitre’d for the proper table amounts and placements. 

Offsite Locations: A Wedding Coordinator will be there for you in the getting ready stages to ensure you dont leave anything behind and makes sure you get to the next location at the proper time. The Venue Coordinator will only be tasked with items related to the venue. Remember they work for the Venue. We work For YOU! 

Personal Stylist - Your wedding coordinator works to make sure you look fabulous the entire day! Wether its stains from tans, makeup or drinks, a little dust off your shoulder, something in your teeth and even reapplying that lipstick being kissed off your face! We are going to make sure you look amazing hair to heel throughout the entire day, as well as your partner and any bridal party VIPS! Lets just say the Venue Coordinator wont be doing this… 

Point of Contact - Wedding Coordinator meets with all your vendors and VIP family members and bridal party prior to the wedding day so that they will be the sole contact for your friends/family questions and any venue or vendor questions. This ensures you are able to enjoy your day and not get bombarded with questions on placement, people, locations etc. Your venue coordinator will be around but they will be constantly asking you and your partner questions for verification on things.

Emergency Rolodex - A Wedding Coordinator makes sure she has backup on the day of, that means backup for ALL your vendors. Things happen but your wedding cant wait. We have a rolodex of vendors ready for action incase your vendors dont show up! The Venue coordinator can recommend someone for you MAYBE but they most likely wont make that call for you. 

Tip Distribution - Tips are to be disbursed at the END of the event, so lets say a vendor does a great job and you want to give them extra, I will be the one managing it so that they get their share and you can focus on dancing, so long as they did a great job! 

Family Organizer/Therapist - We are going to get to KNOW you so we’ll hear the drama on your family members, that means who needs to be where and when! Your Venue Coordinator will not manage your family. 

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